Darren Criss - Not Alone (The Story)

For the first time ever, a fully produced version of "Not Alone" is here. The song and shirt will only be available for the next 14 days through www.represent.com/darrencriss . Many of you have been wondering for years where a full-length album is. I can promise that while I've been continually working towards putting one out, I have equally been primarily focused on making it a body of work that I'm proud of. As such, I have in fact, written and recorded dozens of songs, but a majority of them haven't felt quite ready. However, a track that always stood out on its own was a full studio version of "Not Alone." Thanks to Represent, we've found a unique way to release this song, that will help in this goal of putting out a full album.

Posted by Darren Criss on Wednesday, December 9, 2015
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